Client Watch: Amazon

It seems everyone is talking about Amazon right now and rightly so because amongst other big news such as their acquisition of Whole Foods and new product roll-outs, their data offering is hugely exciting. Compared to other tech giants, Amazon holds data that shows what people are actually buying and 55% of all product searches start on Amazon, with this number rapidly rising!

This article explores exactly what it is about Amazon that is getting people so excited and suggests that perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Amazon proposition is what they don’t do… Yet.Amazon


Client Watch: Apple

Apple are to launch their Search Ads proposition in the UK next week which will allow developers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand to advertise their apps within Apple’s App Store’s search function.  Apple has been running ads within search in the US since last October and claims conversion rates of more than 50% – exciting times ahead!
Apple search ads

Client Watch: Twitch

In an insightful article by the Drum, Steve Ford – VP of sales Europe, explains how Twitch is working with sister company Amazon to test three new Amazon TV shows on the social video streaming platform. The move will give the Twitch audience a chance to taste the content and provide feedback – in what essentially provides Amazon a real-time focus group!

Ford explains that whilst their core audience is gamers, that trait alone does not define Twitch and their next growth area will be TV strategy.twitch+amazon Twitch will continue to operate independently of Amazon Prime Video. Read more  about the move here.

Client Watch: Havas Media Group

Havas has announced a  new C-suite hire this week as Clare Hart, the European managing director of Publicis Groupe’s MRY joins the team as Chief Client Officer. CEO Matt Adams has said of the hire, “At Havas we are committed to investing in top class talent, bringing in new firepower to support our clients, our thinking and our offering. Clare’s background in and passion for creativity and innovation makes her the perfect fit for the direction in which we are travelling here at Havas.” Matt Adams and Claire Hart

Client Watch : Vevo


Vevo are getting ready to relocate their European HQ to the lovely “Lighthouse” building in Kings Cross. The new offices will span four floors and include a performance space, an editing suite, a cafe and a rooftop terrace! The company currently reside on Argyll St. and have further offices in in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Los Angeles, Portland and Chicago…

Opinion: A response to Angela Ahrendts’ letter to her daughters

Angela Ahrendts’ letter to her daughters:

As a mother of two daughters myself, my opinion is divided having read Angela’s letter. On the one hand I think Angela’s comments are thoughtful and moving, and why not empower your daughters with uplifting advice? On the other hand, I can’t help but feel we are spinning our children a line when we tell them to follow their passions and do what makes them feel happy – what economy anywhere in the world allows for everyone to do that, especially if you’re a woman? Maybe a white middle-class ‘first world’ female can aspire to ‘stay in lane’ and ‘connect to your passion’ but most teenage daughters these days will need to be pragmatic, agile, and suck up a load of compromise along the way in order to earn a living and make ends meet, and ‘staying in a job’  will be much more of a priority than ‘staying in a lane’.

And as an employer of the generation of graduates who are regarded as ‘entitled’, whether I agree with that label or not, surely this type of advice only enforces their sense of entitlement? They are told that they are unique and special and have a right to pursue a passion, and should only gift a company with their presence if their passions are being nurtured on a daily basis. What business in today’s economy can populate its ranks with these types of people and still be competitive? Angela’s daughters will experience a seismic reality check if they enter the workplace asking themselves ‘what can I do to be happy?’ rather than ‘what should I do to stay employed?’

So by all means, ‘stay present’, ‘read the signs’ and be grateful for the start in life that you have had, but do also bend a little, occasionally sacrifice your own interests for those of the company that pays your wages, get your hands dirty when required and have few expectations around what’s owed you. And if you are also lucky enough to stay healthy and become a parent then you can join the #humbled and blessed brigade along the way.

Carrie Ferrari – Director, Ferrari Healy


Transparency around Maternity/ Paternity Schemes

A few weeks ago we highlighted the issue faced by people who want to understand the maternity and paternity schemes of potential new employers. The lack of readily available information leaving them in the awkward position of having to ask in advance of an interview process and knowing that in doing so they potentially run the risk of compromising their application from the outset. Our post on the subject gathered a fair amount of support so rather than just being critical we have given some thought to what we can proactively do to help.

With that in mind from today and over the course of the coming weeks Ferrari Healy will seek clarification from all of our clients about what their maternity and paternity schemes are. We work with some incredible, forward thinking companies right now and are confident that they will be supportive; the irony is that we may well discover that some of our clients have brilliant schemes and don’t shout enough about them. It could and should be a great incentive to attract top talent!

We would encourage other recruiters to join us and do the same; collectively we are the gatekeepers to a large volume of job opportunities and as such we are well placed to help solve this problem.

Client Watch: Yahoo

Publishers such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and Hearst UK will now be able to utilise Yahoo’s global audience in a new content partnership deal announced this week. The move will allow the newsbrands to distribute selected content via Yahoo’s sites and mobile apps across five countries: the UK, US, Canada, India and Singapore, all of which have expressed an interest in UK journalism. In the US for instance, four of the top ten online newspapers, according to ComScore, are British. So, its good news for British journalism and an exciting time for Yahoo!

Read more about the partnership here.yahoosites-20170217035216813