TODAY: CV’s – the do’s and don’ts

Your CV literally speaks a thousand words – It’s a fundamental part of the recruitment process yet can sometimes be overlooked as a menial task, or completely deter from what you should be trying to display.

To avoid having your CV fall into either of these categories, here are just a few helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” that should make the difference between a successful screening and being shunted to the bottom of the pile…

⇒ Have a short and sweet personal profile, highlighting who you are, what you do, what you want to get into. The emphasis here should be on the “short and sweet” – nobody likes to read an epic monologue.

⇒ List your most recent experience first, working back in chronological order. Employers want to see what you are up to now and why you are relevant for the role in question, not which level in the Starbucks Barista scheme you made it to…

⇒ Try to keep your CV to 2/3 pages. Your CV is a great way to succinctly display what you do in your role but it is also important to highlight why you are so good at it.

⇒ When applying for a particular role, tailor your CV to ensure those reading it can understand the correlation between your experience and the role in question. Reading through the job spec can be a great way at rewording your CV to highlight some of your relevant qualifications and experience.

⇒ Word documents are great! Whilst there are definitely more creative ways to present yourself, your CV is probably best displayed in a simple Word format- try to leave all illustrations and YouTube Videos at home as it can detract from the purpose of the CV!

Although these may seem super obvious, it is actually hard to compose the perfect CV so if in doubt – ASK!

We are more than happy to help!



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