Client Watch: The Mail Online

In an exciting new partnership, Mail Brands UK will now allow advertisers to utilise it’s huge audience base and access it’s data so they can better understand and reach relevant audiences else where online. The Mail will be teaming up with programmatic agency Infectious Media to build out its audience extension capabilities. The publisher will collect and segment its website and app data to ensure that its information is both accurate and compliant with privacy regulations which means advertisers can be assured they are targeting audience segments relevant to their brand. Read more about the partnership here:

Mail Online



Time Inc Time Inc. UK’s recent acquisition of creative agency, Collective is set to bring exciting developments for the publishing house. The agency and its 47 staff will continue to operate separately but will now collaborate with Time Inc. staff on briefs with clients. The partnership will allow Time Inc. UK to provide customers with services beyond their traditional portfolio as they move to scale programmatic and native advertising. Read more about the partnership here.



Great news for the Lad Bible this week as they continue to effectively utilise their 13.8 million fans to generate huge numbers in viewers across their live videos on Facebook. Facebook has prioritised live videos across its platform which has been a great boost for the Lad Bible and they have now put in place a dedicated live video team in order to increase out put to four videos a week. Marketing director Mimi Turner has championed the platform as a ‘democratisation of voice’ and says it allows everyone to have a voice irrespective of status…

TheLADbible Group