O2 CEO Ronan Dunne on how mobile operators can emerge as major forces in the advertising gameO2 CEO Ronan Dunne has been speaking out on how mobile operators can emerge as major forces in the advertising game. O2 has evolved from its roots in the traditional telecoms world to an operator that is now attempting to make itself ubiquitous in its users’ lives, and then monetise the insights this brings, with goal of making a mark in the ad business high among its aims.  At the heart of this strategy is Weve due to the extremely valuable first party data they provide.  For Dunne, the case is simple; protecting consumers’ privacy is paramount to mobile operators, but this does not limit the potential of its uses to those booking as campaigns.  He states, “Because of the fact that it [Weve audience data] is first party data (opted in), and at such a large scale, marketers can get exactly what they need. The truth is, they don’t need the name and address, what they need is completely contextual, and actionable insights into groups that are not just based on presumed attribution extracted from others.” This article is definitely worth a read:



CLIENT WATCH: Factory Media

The 2016 Shortlist for the British Media Awards has been announced with Factory Media’s ‘The Indestructibles’ Campaign getting nominated for both Video Project of the Year  and Commercial Campaign of the Year. Factory Media teamed up with award-winning multichannel network, UKTV on its first branded-content TV commission. The 12×30’ series, presented by well-known action-sports athletes turned media personalities Tim and Gendle (Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle), was funded by fashion-watch brand G-SHOCK through branded content agency The Story Lab and will air on Dave in the autumn. Check out who else was nominated on the shortlist: Media Awards 2016



screens-1.pngEveryone is talking about Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and the buzz is very much around location data.  Yesterday xAd launched MarketPlace, a self serve platform that allows users to buy and sell location data in the same manner as they might do with keywords through Google. By leveraging xAd’s MarketPlace, marketers can finally break the boundaries between online and offline marketing and reach consumers in the moments that matter, fostering online discovery with offline action.  Impressive.  Check it out:

TODAY: Creature comforts

Risk is arguably involved in any job move and this is often exacerbated if you’re weighing up a move from an established business to a start-up. Working for a traditional long established brand does evoke a sense of security, but it’s worth remembering that larger companies are also prone to the risk of restructures and redundancies.  There are now a number of extremely well-funded tech start-ups who have dominant positions in market that offer great scope for driven individuals.  Naturally, when weighting up a new opportunity to your current situation those inevitable feelings of loyalty kick in, which in turn throw up a resistance to rock the boat and lose those creature comforts. This is where it becomes a case of listening to your gut instincts. If you value the opinions of individuals already in the business, have faith in the product or brand, and are passionate about taking their proposition out to market then why wouldn’t you make that move?


Twitch have put together a retrospective article documenting their growth across 2015.  Twitch’s platform is now available in more countries than ever before across the globe and collectively their audience watched more than 459,000 years worth of video!  The unstoppable rise of esports picked up even more steam in 2015 and Twitch were at the forefront of the real-time revolution. From Madison Square Garden, to Las Vegas, to Berlin, Seoul, and everywhere in between, the biggest esports events of the year were on Twitch and watched by millions. A whopping 241,441,823,059 minutes streamed.   For more staggering stats and reasons why 2015 was a year to remember for Twitch check out the article…

CLIENT WATCH: The LADbible Group

Putting newspapers at the core of business doesn’t ‘stack up’ for publishers, warns Mimi Turner, the Marketing Director of The LADbible Group. She’s spoken out about the dangers of publishers becoming too reliant on newspapers and not switching to digital quickly enough. The LADbible Group youth audience is 85% mobile therefore they have an unparalleled understanding of how we now live in a world where each consumer can curate content for themselves, from lots of different sources, through both mobile and desktop with a personalised feed. She stated, “for media businesses which have relied on desktop as the basis for their traffic and revenue models, the recognition that the mobile experience has to become the default is a huge shift – but an inevitable one.”


VevoVevo wants to become the next MTV, and has released a new app for Apple TV that pushes, incrementally, in that direction. Over the last few years Vevo has been developing its multi platform brand outside of YouTube in a bid to create a premium platform for music videos and related original content. With the launch of their new AppleTV app Vevo has the potential to become a true “channel” by aligning themselves with television streaming boxes.


TODAY: Seeing what sticks…..

January is finally over…a little sigh of relief all round. The market gets off to a rapid start and often candidates worry about spreading themselves too thin with interviews. At Ferrari Healy we aren’t volume driven and firmly believe job hunting shouldn’t be based on throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks. However, when considering new opportunities there is a real value in engaging in a number of initial conversations with businesses that can offer you development, progression or even exposure to a new product. By doing so, you will get a better understanding of the market, what’s out there and which avenue you feel driven to explore. The digital space is now brimming with exciting new developments be them in mobile, programmatic or VOD.  A broader perspective can go a long way in choosing the right next move… and most likely the one that sticks!