Transparency around Maternity/ Paternity Schemes

A few weeks ago we highlighted the issue faced by people who want to understand the maternity and paternity schemes of potential new employers. The lack of readily available information leaving them in the awkward position of having to ask in advance of an interview process and knowing that in doing so they potentially run the risk of compromising their application from the outset. Our post on the subject gathered a fair amount of support so rather than just being critical we have given some thought to what we can proactively do to help.

With that in mind from today and over the course of the coming weeks Ferrari Healy will seek clarification from all of our clients about what their maternity and paternity schemes are. We work with some incredible, forward thinking companies right now and are confident that they will be supportive; the irony is that we may well discover that some of our clients have brilliant schemes and don’t shout enough about them. It could and should be a great incentive to attract top talent!

We would encourage other recruiters to join us and do the same; collectively we are the gatekeepers to a large volume of job opportunities and as such we are well placed to help solve this problem.


Client Watch: xAd

xAd Inc are making huge strides in market as they announce the launch of their location-based technology into The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – all of which will now be able to leverage xAd’s capability and reach customers during highest moments of intent and drive behaviours in the real world… xad-9-new-markets

Client Watch: Yahoo

Publishers such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and Hearst UK will now be able to utilise Yahoo’s global audience in a new content partnership deal announced this week. The move will allow the newsbrands to distribute selected content via Yahoo’s sites and mobile apps across five countries: the UK, US, Canada, India and Singapore, all of which have expressed an interest in UK journalism. In the US for instance, four of the top ten online newspapers, according to ComScore, are British. So, its good news for British journalism and an exciting time for Yahoo!

Read more about the partnership here.yahoosites-20170217035216813


TODAY: Maternity Policies

We can’t help but think that companies should have to publish their maternity (and paternity) policies in easy to find areas of their website or in the public domain. Many women find themselves nervously asking the question prior to beginning an interview process knowing that they potentially run the risk of compromising their application from the outset.

Client Watch: Weve

Another great partnership this week as AOL UK has signed a deal with O2-owned, mobile data provider, Weve that will allow advertisers to target customers based on data from 16 million O2 users.

In this article, an AOL spokesperson describes how plugging Weve mobile data into their programmatic platform will enable advertisers to power accurate demographic, behavioural and location targeting as well as powerful insights and analytics that shape creative campaign strategies…


Today: Attention to Deetail

A couple of brilliantly ironic CVs of note today:

On the first, the individual stated he was meticulous, not necessarily true when spelt ‘meticulus’(!)

The other claimed they were “well-articulated” and whilst we see what you are getting at here, the actual meaning, ‘good joint movement’ sadly won’t get you the job…

Client Watch: Weve

This week Weve’s Commercial Director, Tom Pearman discussed why 2017 is the year the advertising industry needs to clean up its act. In an article by Marketing Week, Pearman explains why it is important for the industry to produce better quality ads and ensure consumers are prepared to receive advertising rather than resorting to ad blocking. He discussed the role that marketers and the Internet Advertising Bureau should play as well as why caution is key when it comes to Mobile…