Client Watch: Quantcast

Quantcast have ranked within the top 100 best workplaces for millennials – great news as they make up over 76% of their workforce! One millennial worker states: “Our CEO is very transparent and really does make us feel like we are all in this together. He’s very realistic and every decision he makes is very thought out to ensure it’s what’s best for the company. He’s very low-ego and treats everyone equally.” See the full list here.



Client Watch: Unruly

Sarah Wood, co-founder of video advertising technology company Unruly and a recent winner of the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award is blazing a trail for gender diversity in the work place. In an article published today, it is revealed that 46% of Unruly’s managers are women and 44% of its board are female.Sarah Wood Unruly has achieved its enviable gender balance by reaching out to young women when they are still in education and then doing everything possible to retain staff by fostering a female-friendly environment.  A great step in the right direction for the tech space!

Client Watch: Yahoo!

Great news for Yahoo! this week as they become the third biggest referral source for publishers, coming in behind Google Search and Facebook and ahead of Twitter and Google News. The media owner jumped from the No. 16 spot after adding a referral tag to its homepage which now gives them credit for previously unattributed traffic.


Client Watch: Intelligent Optimisations


Tom Bowman the CEO of Intelligent Optimisations explores the importance of delivering not just the right audience but also the right message in the world of programmatic advertising, suggesting we consider the art behind this revolutionary form of advertising rather than just its efficiency to target a demographic. He states that in order to take full advantage of the programmatic power we need to rethink the way we conceive messages and perhaps consider real-time, individual-by-individual media planning that prizes the richness and ublock_strap_white_bg_1niqueness of a message – much like art.


Client Watch: Popsugar

CEO of PopSugar,  Brian Sugar discusses their new e-commerce app  Emoticode. This new venture will  be a companion app to Snapchat and tap into a core social action taken by Snapchat users: the screenshot! Emoticode will make it easy for bloggers and brands to include links to products in their Snapchat stories that their fans can screenshot and save for later. It is hoped to be the first of its kind to successfully bring commerce onto Snapchat and represent an effective way to monetize the app. Learn more here!



Client Watch: Dentsu Aegis Network

Award-winning creative agency Digital Republic will become part of Dentsu Aegis Network’s digital agency, Isobar. The acquisition of a majority interest in Digital Republic will not only bolster DAN’s capabilities in the market but also extend their proposition  in the Middle East and North Africa. Dentsu AegisDigital Republic will re-brand to ”Digital Republic, Linked By Isobar,” adding to Isobar’s current offering in Dubai and furthering its global network in over 45 markets. Read what the CEO’s of both companies have to say here.