Client Watch: xAd

Our client xAd held their location based marketing event “On Location” in New York yesterday and invited a whole host of agencies and brands. Amongst other announcements, the location intelligence platform introduced a neighborhood-level targeting and analytics product called “GeoBlocks” which allows marketers to identify pockets of consumers who have shown affinity for a brand within unique geographical areas where they live, work and play. Full article here.local-city-with-pins-ss-1920-800x467


Client Watch: Yahoo!

Our client Yahoo have some exciting news this week as they launch their content marketing studio in the UK. The suite, named Storytellers was launched in the US earlier this year in order to help advertisers better reach their target audience through data-led content marketing services that leverage Yahoo’s editorial expertise, data and native advertising and content marketing on

Storytellers works by combining content with data to help brands to identify consumer insights and work out what content marketing opportunities they should pursue in order to reach their target audience.

Read more about the UK launch here!