MEC, the WPP agency, has been named the Media Agency of the Year at the Campaign Media Awards after picking up awards in four categories!  MEC won gongs in the Financial, Corporate and Utilities and the Chairman’s Awards for Innovation for “how a radiator key unlocked a whole new market” for HomeServe; The Bloomberg Data and Creativity Award for “sugar accumulator” for Public Health England; and Best Use of Research for “the fomometer” for Netflix. Well deserved recognition. Check out the full list of winners…  



Asda has announced that it will turn to Tumblr to push its mums-centric Christmas marketing campaign with sponsored editorial content in the form of recipes, tips, gifs, vines and listicles. The move marks the supermarket’s first ever content marketing campaign on the photo blogging platform.  Philip Taylor, director strategic solutions at Yahoo said: “We’re thrilled to be a pivotal part of the campaign’s social outreach via this exciting activation on Tumblr. Mum bloggers are amongst some of the most active in the world and as big sharers of content, this is a fantastic way to generate social resonance with the target audience.”

Head or Heart

We receive feedback from candidates about a variety of opportunities every day, and are always struck by the close relationship/correlation candidates make between the brand or site they are representing and the levels of passion that they will be able to muster when doing the job.

Obviously all advertising revenue is spent on the qualified assumption that the audience its reaching is not only relevant but also happy to be on the platform or site they’re on, and are passionate, engaged and crucially open-minded to receiving targeted content from brands.

So if the audience needs to be passionate about the site or platform, does the sales person representing it commercially need to be too? Or is it enough to appreciate the advantages to the advertiser, and be able to convey those benefits articulately and convincingly in a sales pitch, in return for a salary and commission?

Should a positive experience using Amazon as a consumer have any bearing on whether you apply for a role to be a part of their advertising sales team?  Would the amazing visuals available to you on your Tumblr account encourage you to join Yahoo as an ambassador for that platform? And conversely, would a niggly frustration with your Pinterest post put you off?

It probably would, and the point is it probably should. It is an important consideration, and a genuine passion for the brand is now a pre-requisite for most hiring managers. Every digital business in London culturally embodies the brand in its furniture, common spaces, softer benefits, and populates its sales teams with people who are passionate about the platform they work for. We have candidates sitting in  gaming chairs to make a sales call, or who are constructing a sales pitch via a Tweet, and this approach will only work if those people are selling something that they voluntarily connect with as a consumer and that they happily showcase in their  everyday dealings.

So whilst any career move needs to be an educated business decision, if you sell for a living, asking yourself whether you want to sell this product to this audience has to be the primary question.

Just avoid a situation where the tail starts wagging the dog – political affiliations tend to come to the fore when discussing digital opportunities within certain newspapers for instance, but who cares if the headlines reflect your own views of government when you haven’t earned commission for a year??


ITV has a new partner with programmatic ad platform RadiumOne.  ITV has inked a new partnership with programmatic ad platform, RadiumOne. As a result of the deal, ITV will launch its Ad Sync + product which will link ITV’s content to RadiumOne’s viewer capability in order for brands to effectively target specific demographics.  Simon Daglish, ITV commercial’s deputy managing director, said:  “RadiumOne’s deep understanding of cross platform ad solutions and their unique lens on audiences through sharing data, makes them the perfect partner to help us deliver further value to our advertisers across multiple platforms.”


CLIENT WATCH: Amazon & Quantcast

The IPA Media Owner Awards took place last night. Currently, in its fourth year it is designed to showcase best practice in the levels of service that online media owners provide to agencies. Ferrari Healy clients were amongst the winners, with Quantcast picking up the award for Best Media Owner, and Amazon receiving the Most Improved Media Owner award. Pete Robins, who served as chairman of judges said: “Chairing the awards again has highlighted that in 2015 the digital part of the media industry is still full of drive and innovation, and that regardless of all the smart tech, the quality of people is even more important than ever.” Check out who else featured….

TODAY: Seeing it through….

Traditionally at Ferrari Healy, we have tended to work with a number of American owned and backed media businesses; this has huge advantages as these types of companies get a lot of investment, are constantly being innovative and developing new products, and therefore attract a great calibre of candidates. However, from an interviewing perspective, the process can often be drawn out.  Patience in this day and age is hard at the best of times and life can seem like a constant juggling act. It’s key to build a rapport with candidates and keep them engaged, as often scheduling Skype calls with the Heads of Department in the US can lead to a string of lag times, stretching over a couple of weeks.  Often the industry leaders in digital media have the toughest processes and if you can hold your nerve and see it through you’ll reap the rewards.


Maxus launches Chorus for branded content, live experiences and collaborations. Working with the likes of Red Bull, Endemol, Beyond and MTV. Chorus has been set up to meet the growing demand for content solutions and to meet their clients evolving needs.  Nick Baughan, the chief executive at Maxus UK, added: “Today’s consumer is hyper-social and hyper-connected, expecting and demanding a more joined up online experience… Brands increasingly want to understand a content plan in the context of their overall marketing strategy.”


TODAY: That time of year when….

Bang on the beginning of November suddenly Christmas pandemonium begins, seeing us through into the New Year. Christmas lights pop up, a certain television advert dominates our screens and the nostalgia kicks in.  More often than not at this time of year the phrase, ‘I’ll start looking for a new role in the New Year’ crops up time and time again. There isn’t really a right or wrong time to start the hunt for new opportunities and January is undoubtedly one of the most popular times of year. However, more often than not if you wait for an opportunity to fall into your lap, who knows how long you could be waiting for.  By starting the interview process now, you will hopefully be tied up by the end of November and can resign happy in the knowledge you will be able to enjoy the festivities in the run up to Christmas. And, in turn, kick off January right.


WPP’s Groupm is adding Essence Digital, the world’s largest independent buyer of digital media, to its agency portfolio.  For Essence this means an extension of its global network and a push towards a more diverse client base.  Christian Juhl, Essence CEO, said, “In GroupM, we have found a partner who shares our vision and augments our capabilities with global scale, access to media that isn’t yet digital and the global partnerships and platforms to further advance our agenda.”