WidespaceA whole new level of brand engagement is on the horizon as Widespace launch the first ever 360 degree ad format. Adrian McDonald – Chief Product Officer at Widespace- speaks of a new level of creativity set to increase brand engagement and lift awareness for products. The format works on both app and mobile web platforms and promises a ‘new and magical 360 world in advertising where possibilities are endless‘.  Sounds good to us!

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TODAY: Reinventing a clichéd saying….

We all know that age-old saying ‘if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail’ but it seems to be making a come-back and is being mentioned in a number of articles offering best-practice interview advice to candidates.  It does absolutely hold some truth, but instead of plugging a cliché we’ve had a think back over feedback we have received from our clients and have come up with a slightly more tangible, realistic analogy.   Interviewing is often like preparing for and winning a pitch with a leading client or agency. Much like a pitch, interviewing is a drawn out process, so taking your foot off the gas at a 2nd or 3rd round stage isn’t going to get you the job. Continued enthusiasm, drive and research is key throughout. As much as you’re there to be asked questions, prepare your own ones to ask as well! Sell in your ideas and yourself and above all build rapport to enable a future relationship to grow. If you keep all these front of mind then you’re much more likely to produce a winning pitch, be that with an actual client, or in an interview with a prospective employer.

TODAY: Greatest sales person in the world

When you ask a candidate to describe their strengths you’re listening out to hear things like, ‘resourceful’ and ‘proactive’ and then for that individual to show examples of those characteristics through their work experience. However, every so often you get an individual who throws caution to the wind and who describes themselves with a one liner such as the ‘greatest sales person in the world’.  This happened to us in the office recently, and whilst we can’t help but love the comedic value of one liners such as this, on the flip side it doesn’t accurately give us an understanding of your aptitude and strengths!  Always more useful to give us something to work with..


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 13.07.23Weve’s commercial director, Tom Pearman, has written an insightful article about his experience at Mobile World Congress. Mobile ad businesses like Weve and xAd used the event to launch new propositions whilst Google and Facebook remained big players in the ad space market. This article is definitely worth a read to find out his thoughts on the key trends of advancing tech, virtual reality and connected lives.