CLIENT WATCH: Business Insider

BI AxelBusiness Insider is to be acquired by Axel Springer in a deal worth $343 million, showing the worth of investing in digital media start ups. Axel Springer made the strategic deal in a bid to allow them to branch out globally, add English-language offerings and get a better foothold in the digital marketplace. Interesting times ahead...



yahoo brightrollBrightRoll is Yahoo’s new, unified brand for programmatic advertising technology, offering a suite of media-agnostic tools to help advertisers, publishers and partners connect with consumers across ad formats and devices. Find out more about how Yahoo is building a strong portfolio of solutions to help advertisers connect and engage with consumers through the combination of data and technology…

Knowing your own CV (and drying pickles)………………

We’re obviously asked about interview preparation continuously and given our long track record of partnering with certain clients, we have a lot of information and a deep insight into their interview techniques and specific questioning habits which we can pass on, all to the advantage of any Ferrari Healy candidate.

However, candidates can often spend more time practicing their Fermi logic or pre-establishing those three weaknesses they are bound to be probed on, without then refreshing themselves on the statements and accolades they have cited in their own CV.

There is a much greater value in making sure that every achievement and revenue claim on a CV can be backed up and substantiated, than trying to work out the weight of a pickle after it’s been left in the sun for a day, or the number of piano tuners in Chicago, or how to unload a 747 filled with jelly beans!

It’s to be expected that a candidate will be in a challenging position when asked these types of questions, they are designed to see how one reacts under pressure, but if a candidate finds themselves struggling to answer questions that are prompted by their own CV, they are exhibiting signs of stress at the wrong point in the interview and the outcome will not be a positive one.

So forget about unloading jelly beans with only your bare hands and instead make sure you know where you worked at any given time and where you went from there. If you say on your CV that you have senior contacts within a particular client then be ready to list their names, if you say you increased revenue or performance by x %, make sure you can add some context or facts and figures to that statement that proves those claims are genuine.

PS: And having prepared yourself with regards the CV, if you can then also answer this, you’re likely to secure any job!

A pickle weighs 100lbs with 99% of its weight being made up of water. After a day in the sun, the pickle’s weight in water is 98%. How much does the pickle now weigh?